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"One of my finest pupils, due to his flawless technique and his excellent musical taste he has the ability to create deep emotions and unforgetable musical moments for his audience. I have had the great pleasure to work with Brusk Zanganeh for the past 6 years and consider him as an outstanding violinist-, teacher- and chamber musician- collegue"

Rudolf Koelman

Recension: "Skamlöst njutbart"

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Brusk Zanganeh and Bolivian pianist Sergio Escalera perform their own version of the song "Qani Vur Jan Im" written by Armenian musician and poet Sayat Nova (1712-1795).


This version is based on the 1978 piano arrangement of the aforementioned song by Arno Babajanyan (1921-1983) bearing the title “Elegy - in memory of Aram Khachaturian".



This duet seeks to incorporate the traditional sounds of instruments such as the duduk and the kemancheh, whose sounds are particular of the Armenian highlands - and overall Mesopotamia - to the classical nature of the piano and the violin. The freedom of interpretation, ornamentation and improvisation represent a portrayal of this region, its culture and its different peoples.


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